Leveling subfloor – 1/4 ply?

Is there any problem using 1/4″ ply to build up an existing plank wood subfloor? The planks are 7-1/2″w x 3/4″ set at 45 degrees diagonal to the joists. I want to use 1/4″ to make the new floor level with flooring in the adjacent room i.e. want a level transition.

Will the thin 1/4″ ply create any unforeseen issues, even though I’m relying on it only for leveling? If its Kosher, then how would you attach the ply? 1″ fully threaded screws every 6″ on the edge and 8-10″ in the field?


* the new hardwood (going over the planks+1/4 ply) is 3/4″ solid hickory.

* after reading other posts on the subject of sub-floors, I’ve decided NOT to use glue between the ply and planks, and NOT to nail the new ply through to the joists.


Fence on a Concrete Grade Beam?

Hi there, new here, so bear with me, hopefully I didn’t miss something in my search.

What I’m wanting to do is erect a wooden fence on a small concrete wall. I’d only like it to stick up above the ground about 6 inches, and be at least 10-12 inches into the ground (stop a puppy that has a tendency to dig). It would be about 8 inches wide.

What I don’t know, is the specifics. I live in Saskatchewan, and am unsure about depth, or a footing underneath of it due to frost? Would that affect something like this? Or if I reinforce along the length with rebar would I be okay if built to that 10-12″ depth on top of crushed stone?

It would obviously have “piers” down 24-36″ every 8′ at the fence post locations.

Thoughts, concerns, ideas?

Laminate countertop miter seam

Does anyone have an idea of what I can use to fill the seam a little better and make it waterproof. The seam is 2 feet away from the sink. How can I protect it from a spill or when cleaning it with a wet rag. The piece were connected with Titebond 3 which is waterproof however this is a small gap, less than 1/32 of an inch. That is the closest I could get them lined up together. I was thinking of just putting a strip of scotch tape? The seam is not really that big or deep to get a product to fill it.
Thanks for any help in advanced