Blower not working for air but does for heat

I have a Central Electricbrand furnace for modular Home model eb20b. The fan blower stopped working. It comes on with heat but not air. I replaced the thermostat and still nothing. The fuses are all on so what’s my next step? I just paid to have the outside fan motor ,,blade and capacitor replaced 10 days ago.

Help with auto a/c?

This is my work / service van. 2008 Express 2500.

Was noticing the temperature fluctuating, just by feel of hand. It’d go from cold to cool and it didn’t matter if I was accelerating or slowing down. I grab my meter and stick thermometer probe in vent. Sure enough, while just cruising it would go down to 48 or so and almost instantly jump to around 60 then right back down and back up etc….

This is a fairly new van to me since I wrecked my other one. First summer with it. Don’t know what had been done in the past so I evacuated system, vacuumed and weighed in charge.

Same thing.

The temperature is constantly fluctuating. BUT, the only clue I can give anyone is that when I’m stopped or parked the quick fluctuations stop. Yes, the temperature does slowly increase stopped or parked but only like a degree per minute. When driving it’s all over the place 48-61.

I’m at a loss and hate to take it to an auto ac shop.

I’d quickly say bad compressor except for the fact that if I stop and it’s blowing 48 it will slowly (again maybe 1 degree per minute) increase.

What to do?

Need advice for first time DIY patio

Hello and thanks for taking some time to read my question and perhaps respond with some advice. To start, here is what I am working with.…17159110_o.jpg…65997804_o.jpg…68943772_o.jpg…41195921_o.jpg…68946801_o.jpg…08044259_o.jpg…79776895_o.jpg

In the picture where you can see the wall jet out a foot or so by the hose is where I would like the patio to end. It will be about 525 sqft. I have a bit of extra stone that I am in the process of moving over to getting a better base down where the patio will be. There seems to already be about 3-4 inches of it, will another 1-2 inches be ok/better/worse?

The retaining wall is not on line with the edge of the house and the angle that it lies on to connect them is graded down enough that if I leveled it there would be a rather large step at the end, unsafely so.

The corner of the retaining wall is curved and even where it is flat I have no clue what to do where the meet.

Finally, I have a crappy wooden step out the back door down to the stone that I would like to somehow blend in with the patio.

I don’t think I will need any more base other then the leveling sand, and where I live the cost of living is very low so the I should be able to come in under $1000 for the patio stone I choose. I will be doing all the labor and I am hoping to finish it for $1500-$2000 total if I can.

Any information you can offer me would be great. I have no clue what to do other then what I have gathered from YouTube videos and would appreciate any suggestions and instructions. ASSUME I KNOW NOTHING!

Thanks so much for your time and replies.

Keep blower on after AC off

As it stands now my ac compressor and main blower turn off simultaneously. A thermometer at the first vent from the unit reads 45 degrees. I can manually turn the blower on and get more of that residual cold air in the house. I’d like to do it automatically. I’ve read the HVAC unit manual and looked over the unit but don’t see any adjustments to make that happen. How can I do this? 25 year old HEIR furnace and Tempstar condenser.

The contactor chatters when the thermostat is OFF, but It makes fine when ON?

The contactor on my Goodman air conditioner (Model CKL24-1K) chatters when the thermostat is OFF, but It makes fine when the thermostat is ON. The contactor and capacitor are new. Turning off the power to the transformer at the breaker box eliminates the chatter (and all electricity to the contactor). The thermostat is a ritetemp. I have not checked the transformer output or the voltage at the contactor (I am overseas currently). Any ideas why the chatter occurs only when the thermostat is OFF? Thanks Dustin

Roper Washer leaking water into tub

Hi all,

My Roper washer is leaking water into the tub consistently. It’s 24/7 whether it’s running or not and if it’s not been running for a few days, the tub is filled with water. I can see it’s dripping from where the water enters the tub when you do run a cycle. I was hoping to try to fix this myself if it’s at all possible. I believe the model number is SM 8525148-A (at least that is the only number I see when I open the lid). There is no leaking outside of the washer at all, it’s all contained to the inside.

Thanks in advance,


Old Compressor/Condenser is it a 4 ton or 5 ton?

Hi, I joined to get advice on replacing the AC and gas furnace in a 50- year old 1-story house. We have had contractors out to give us bids and we are getting conflicting answers as to whether the compressor is a 4 ton or a 5 ton. The older guys say it is a 5 ton and the young ones say it is a 4 ton. It is a GE that is probably close to thirty years old. The plate on it is worn out but the engraved numbers are GE TA048H1B and 215983 508. Can someone look this up and tell me what size this is? Also the one who told us this was a 4 ton compressor said if we replace with a 5 ton, we would have to replace all the ductwork as it is sized for a 4 ton – is this true? Thank you – we are grateful for your assistance. More questions to follow.