Overspray blues

I’ve previously posted how happy I was on how my basement floor turned out with epoxy paint. But my wife and I after the fact decided the window wells would look better if the galvanized steel were painted white, so I opted to spray paint them with just spray cans instead of brushing them white and little did I realize how much overspray a can of spray paint can cause, fading my flooring a little bit instead of having that nice darker gray slate with clear coating over it, so the overspary gave it a little faded look with the thin coat as I saw the difference when I moved a box. So I scrubbed as much as I could with simply dishwasher soap and water, but is there any better way to remove overspray without removing the layer of clearcoat and therefore restoring the original finish I had prior to overspray? For the second window well, I learned my lesson and put tarp all over the place and had a fan blowing the over spray up through the window well, which helped immensely but unfortunately the first time I got a thin layer of over spray all over the place including my new leather furniture 😦

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