American Standard models

Hi all.

I’ve liked the rep of Trane and since American Std is the same I’m contiplating between the Gold 17 and silver 16. I finally have it narrowed to a few units. What is your thoughts between the two.

Its on a rental but the back rooms get tremendous heat soak when the ac isn’t running, I think the two stage may help with this. I"m willing to pay a tad more to make renters comfy.

One person has told me "the unit will almost always run in high mode anyways, so why bother with a two speed". When its only 80 degrees at night, it should be considered low load. Can somone enlighten me as to how the AC knows?

I know you don’t discuss prices, but can you say if there is a big difference in price between the Trane and AS with no actual numbers?

Thank you. Hopefully this will be installed next month and won’t have so many questions. Just anal about getting the right unit. Last two were wrong, (anybody remember Frazer-Johnson? 😦 )


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