Help: Aluminum window repair (Sash screw thread stripped)

Hello, I broke a window pane in my new house with old single hung aluminum casement windows . Discovered that I needed to replace the Channel Balances (block & tackle 1710) as well as Top sash cams b/c the plastic shoes and sash cams were broken.

Anyway, I took out the sash and disassembled it to help remove all glass, adhesive, aluminum trim "glazing" and plastic cams. Then, I (Mistake?) :wall: put the 4 sides of sash back together and used the same screws on top (but without the plastic cam. I stripped the ‘threads’ where screw connects sides to the top of sash (Pics are each side of the Top piece)

Name: 20151017_203618[1].jpg Views: 6 Size: 25.5 KBName: 20151017_203205[1].jpg Views: 6 Size: 32.5 KB

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