Help Select new AC system (Coil+ Outside condenser +Plenum) – HOUSTON

Good evening everyone,

I am in the process of replacing my AC system, it was originally installed in 2004. I just received a quote from a contractor I found over the internet, who seemed professional and fair so far.

I don’t have much experience at all in terms of HVAC system, but the one I am currently using was found to have some problems during the last maintenance inspection (rusty/moldy coil mostly) and this year it definitely lost power. We used to keep temperature at 79F in the house and we were comfortable, now we need to keep it around 76/77. In addition to this, the air coming out the vents smell musty.

This being said, I don’t want to wait until it breaks down (maybe during summer time) and I’d prefer to replace it ahead of time, considering it is 11 years old already.

Our house is a 1973 2 story condo/townhouse, 1800 sqft. big.

Proposed system is 4txfh041cc3hhb coil + 4A7A4042L1000A outside condenser.

ANy thoughts or suggestions? I am concerned about the bad reviews found online about the Trane coil,



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