York Diamond Series

I was working on a York Diamond series, I cant recall the serial or model number. I checked with my senior tech whether there were any recalls and he advised me that there weren’t.

The problem is a whistle sound coming from the combustion chamber. The combustion air is drawn from the top opening of the combustion chamber.

I checked the gas pressure, the amps/wc’ suckage from the ventor motor, did a combustion analysis of the flue gas and still couldnt figure out why the chamber was whistling. When I loosened the outlet screw for the gas pressure, gas leaked out more than usual from the missing screw. Most other units I might smell a little gas, but I smelt a little more than I figured was normal. I got 3.8 wc” after taking the negative draw into account of about .085. I proceeded to lower the pressure, but as I inserted the key to turn it down, the gas pressure shot up to 5.1. It was like my key was being inserted too far into the hole and restricting the gas pressure. even when I eased the key in, it would shoot up.

I left the furnace and set up an appointment with a senior tech to come diagnose the issue since Im just a new maintenance tech. However my boss told me that it wasnt my job to fix these issues and that I shouldnt be taking a lot time on maintenance. I dont understand if Im not exposed to new things, how am I to ever learn the trade.

Anyone have any exposure to the problem I addressed?


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