Drywall over furring strips or not

One of the bedrooms in my house had a ceiling made up of those fiberboard type ceiling tiles that staple up to furring strips. I took down the tiles, but the furring strips remain. They are installed perpendicular to the ceiling joists, and installed over plaster and lath, and a lining paper that was put over the plaster. The plaster isn’t in great shape under the lining paper, but for the most part it’s ok.

I would like to put up drywall over the plaster/lath. I don’t really want to get into hauling down the plaster, and really don’t want to open up everything and dump all the insulation.

I had a quote from a contractor, who said he would just attach drywall to the furring strips. To me, removing the strips and screwing the drywall directly to the joists seems like it would be better. Less points of failure in the screws attaching the strips to the joists, or the drywall to the strips. Plus, I can save about 3/4 inch of ceiling height.

Any reason I can’t or shouldn’t take down the furring strips and just fasten directly to the joists?


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