Sealing the chimney crown

I hope Im in the right forum here as I didnt see anything specific to chimneys.

I am sealing my chimney crown for the first time. Just got the chimney elastomeric sealant and plan on sealing this weekend. The crown doesnt appear to be in to bad a shape except for a few spider cracks. There is a bit of crumbling brick, below the crown at the corner but all the brick is in tact. I tarred up the areas at the top of the bricks that had cracks.

I was told by a pro at first that it would be about $3K because the chimney is not up to code because it doesnt rise above the roofline. Then I basically said I don’t plan on getting the work done and he cut the price in half…lol… No offense to the pros but they tend to paint a dire situation.

My question is about the water repellent mentioned in the link below. Does this stuff work? How long does it last and is it recommended? I am sure it cant hurt but this was not in my plan but Im thinking about doing it. And now that its in the 40 to 50 degree temps here its cool fall weather so I was concerned about the curing ability.

Please take a look at the link. Any comments or additional chimney knowledge are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!:D

Chimney Maintenance | The Family Handyman


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