Diagnosing pressure switch open inducer on

Armstrong high efficiency furnace, LED shows 3 flashes "pressure switch open inducer on"

Sequence of events:

1-thermostat triggers furnace heat

2-inducer fan starts for about 10 seconds

3-fire box glows but won’t ignite

4-inducer fan off

5- indicator LED shows 3 flashes

Image attached.Name: 36BBBB4E-7257-460B-A4C2-B3D077826F6B.jpg Views: 0 Size: 126.4 KB

There’s obviously some water damage below the inducer. Turns out the water drain hose on the right side was loose and dripping. It’s been tightened and I don’t think that’s the source of the problem.

Have checked the exhaust piping and is not clogged with good slope. Blown through pressure hose and water drain hose, both appear unclogged.

There is a faint sound of water in the inducer motor. When the yellow drain plug is removed (the one at bottom of inducer) about a tablespoon of water runs out.

Next steps in diagnosing? cheers

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