Hayward C-Spa got me baffled

A previously working Hayward C-Spa XI no longer heats water. The indicator light does not come on. All i had on me to diagnose was a non-contact tester, but it showed voltage in all the wires up to the contactor itself, so i assumed a bad contactor and bought one.

However, the problem remains with the new contactor! There’s sufficient voltage to trigger the nc probe in every wire up to the contactor, including the pressure switch wires, the supply wires, and the thermostat wires… but the probe gives not a peep on the leads connecting the contactor to the elements or the indicator light.

Obviously i need to get out my dmm and give it a more thorough going-over, but does anyone have any ideas what this could be? Do some of these safety switches let through small currents/voltages even when "off" sufficient to trigger the nc probe?

I’m hoping i didn’t buy a new contactor in vain, but even more eager to get the thing to work.


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