More guns -and ‘carry in particulal, how about more training too?

I’ve always felt how much we are compelled to carry’ is sort of one measure of ‘quality of life’. No doubt ‘more guns’ means -in the right hands, a positive

-per John Lott Thank you sir! :angel:

But, on the other hand, we’ll get not unexpectedly the ‘accidents, ‘mistakes.

I for one have always carried sort of a tempering’ notion re Our Right To Keep And Bear’. And that was- in a perfect world’ it would like to be ‘a sober respectful law abiding citeznry. Unfortunately, many ain’t ..any of them things.

Ironically the the less ‘sober respectful lawful the ‘citeznry’.. the more the want of a weapon.

Now many of us perhaps (some of us at least presumably) may be contemplating not only ‘self defense’, but community defense in live firefights’. The term ‘hit by friendly fire’ comes to mind.

All that to get my little ball rolling’ here, but in helping sort through this myself.

The notion comes to me -definetly a staunch supporter, that more training (required’.. excepted, expected’ etc) for ‘the lot of us’ would be a very good thing.

I came up, with Dad, the scouts, IHMSA shooting for years, ingrained in firearm safety.

But now 60++, haven’t shot at all much any more, probably would melt and through up w/in minutes of a violent encounter.. But at least I’d hope to have years of oh IDK those little things like ‘muzzle direction must be safe at all times until..’ ‘target / background must be clear’, kicking in on auto pilot.

Those two (alone) out of the Ten Commandments are so vital.. when one so much as touches a gun. Yet.. You know. Just ‘look around.. Not ‘job one’.. all too often.

I’d offer that our local/regional/national shooting organizations could -and ought to be the ones to run and provide- some levels of required, training, review, and practice.

We The People, for the ‘respect for our families/community, etc.?

And it would be even better if such a request to step up’ came from us and our shooting communities.

:eek2: Shoot me full of holes if need be. I want it. ..Heck need it. I’m fine with that :>)


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