Painted wallpaper ceiling looks like parched earth!

I bought an old house that was last updated in the 50’s. The walls and ceiling are covered in wallpaper that has been painted.

I tried to paint the ceiling today using Sherwin Williams Eminence ceiling paint- it’s a flat acrylic latex paint. I put on one coat of paint and the finish was terrible… it looked like cracked, parched earth (I tried to upload a picture but it wouldn’t work). I thought it would look better once I did the second coat, and it did initially after application.

However, after a couple of hours it has dried to look the exact same way as the first coat… lines criss-crossing and spider-webbing out.

I’ve spent so much time on this project today so I’m feeling discouraged… Is there any paint I could use to cover over these two coats and make the finish even out? How do I fix this?


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