Need help deciding btwn 2 contractors

Contractor A sells Trane. Contractor B sells Bryant. The price between the two is not that different.

The installation is VERY different. My current furnace is in a 21 inch deep pit in my garage. It sits on the floor, coil above that, supply above that, return above that. No space between any of these.

Old configuration:

Name: old furnace.jpg Views: 10 Size: 159.7 KB

Name: 2015-12-09 15.59.20.jpg Views: 11 Size: 161.4 KB

Contractor A wants to move my furnace over (out from under the supply/return ducts), install a base can to get it up to 18 inches above the main garage floor, then coil, then furnace (Trane XV95). Having the return come over the top with a curved duct. The supply will come out of the bottom and curve around to meet the supply in the wall. Free 10 year parts, 5 year labor warranty.

Name: suggested furnace configuration.jpg Views: 9 Size: 53.2 KB

Contractor B wants to hang the furnace (Bryant Preferred 96t – model 926T) horizontally from the garage rafters near where it currently is. Using curved ducts to reach the current supply / return ducts coming out of my wall. 10 year parts, 1 year labor warranty.

Which do you think is better?

Thank you!

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