Heat pump entering defrost mode -not defrosting

I have a 28,000 btu Senville ductless heat pump that has been working great until today. It is only a few months old. It has previously entered into defrost mode, then resumed normal heating after. Today, it went into defrost, then when it came back on, the fan speed was very low and you could only feel mild heat when you put your hand directly in front of the head. I went outside to check the unit and it still had quite a bit of ice on the outside unit, not like another one I have that clears the ice off before going back into heating mode.

The only thing I can think of that was different was the inside temperature. It was much colder inside today as the heat had been left off over night and we had a bit of a cold snap this morning (-8 celcius)

Would a cold interior start up temp prevent the defrost from working properly?

I tried resetting the unit.

Tried putting it into a/c for brief run to see if the unit would melt.

Tried both heat and auto settings with the sane low fan, minimal heat issue.

Fan works normally in all other settings.

Inside head unit indicates unit is defrosting.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


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