Multimeter IP67

Can anyone recommend a waterproof multimeter other than the Fluke 28II. as much as I’d like that meter, I not looking to spend that kind of money right now. Was looking at the Reed R5010 or the Extech EX505

External gas shutoff needed to replace range?

We have a condo which still has the original gas range from the 70s or 80s. We want to replace it. When we recently replaced plumbing valves in the kitchen that required water to be shut off in the whole condo building. Is a similar shutoff usually needed to replace a range?

I was told that a similar job was done in the building next to ours by Sears when they delivered the new range and they did not need an external shutoff. I suspect the same might be true about our condo, but what if, for instance, the old pipe (i.e. whatever connects the range to the gas line) is old/rusty? Could it crack even when the old range gets moved from the wall?

Blower schematic

Could you help me understand this blower’s schematic? Most of the schematics on the blower will show what each color wire represents. I’m used to working on residential units. Now I’m working for a commercial management company. All of our RTUs are Carrier.

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Either humidistat or thermostat causes fan to run

Hey Pro’s,

So I have a new system that isn’t humidifying so well. Before I call a professional to take a look, I was hoping to understand what is technically possible with my equipment so I don’t accept any bad advice!


Furnace: G9MVE furnace (Two stage)

Humidifier: Honeywell HE100C, (bypass, installed on the return air duct). The

Thermostat: Nest V2


See attached


Based on this setup, my humidifier only runs when heat is on. The problem here is that the house retains heat very well, so the heat does not come on often enough to maintain a reasonable humidity. I’m in Ontario, Canada so the cold weather saps all the moisture from the air and I’m around 23% RH but I’m looking for ~ 50% RH. Just put down $$$ of new hardwood, so maintaining the right humidity is very important!


When the humidistat recognizes low humidity, it turns on the humidifier + turns on the fan, (even if the furnace is not running). During winter I would set the humidistat, and in summer turn it off and close the bypass damper.

I’ve been reading online and it seems it could be implemented by connecting the EAC (110vac, which runs anytime fan is on) to a transformer (24vac) and connecting the humidifier to that, then bridging the fan on the thermostat to run whenever the humidity on the thermostat is low.

Is this even possible? Could it be solved with some clever wiring/bridging? I’d like to avoid paying for new equipment if it could be solved with what I have!


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New Laminate Storage

I am doing new kitchen countertops using Wilsonart HD laminate. I have the laminate on order and it should be here a few days. When I pick it up I am expecting it to be rolled up. Between fabricating the new countertop underlayment (particleboard) and other commitments it will be a few weeks before I will be installing the laminate. How should I store the new laminate? Leave it rolled up or lay it flat.