Leaning fence post

I have a section of fence that leans into my property. The 4×4 post is loose.

Now this is not my fence, it’s my neighbor’s. However he is away diving for ship wreck in Indonesia for the last 4 months and so I am going to try to fix the pole.

In poking around the surrounding dirt, it does not appear to be embedded in concrete, although some of the other posts are.

The pole is leaning onto my side. If you look at the picture below, the green line indicates how much it was leaning.

So for now I pushed it back then put a brace on it against the ground, and drove a few 1×2 wedges into the ground.

However I need a more permanent solution.

Should I:

(1) Buy one of those $10 Simpson fence mender? It’s a metal thing you pound into the ground then nail/screw into the post. That is probably the least effort but I don’t know if that would work or how it would look.

(2) With it braced, excavate around the existing post to say 12-16″ deep all around, then put in some concrete and let it set.

(3) Leave the post alone, excavate a hole next to it and put in a new post set in concrete, once the new post is set, attach the leaning post to the new post.

Which way is the best?


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