Help with wiring 3-way switch… please and thank you.

Can someone please show me how to wire this/these 3-way switches?

I have a pair of non-dimming Lutron Claro CA-3PS-WH 3-way switches.

This is new construction: From my panel to the first switch I have 14-2, from the first to second switch I have 14-3, and from the second switch to the light I have 14-2.

I assume this is the wiring diagram I want to use, but I’m not sure where to connect the wires. My guess is that the red wire from the 14-3 connects to the red screw terminal on both switches, but I”m not exactly sure which black wire goes to which gold screw terminal. Perhaps it doesn’t matter as if I switched the black wires it would just invert the on/off position of one or both of the switches?

Please see the attached image of my actual switch and thanks for your help in advance.Name: IMG_3003.jpg Views: 0 Size: 47.6 KB

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