I need “HVAC for Dummies”

I live in the desert SW with severe summer heat and need to replace two 19 year-old ground level AC units for my home (single-level 2500 sq feet.)

I have seen many positive posts for Trane equipment but my neighbor replaced his units with “Day and Night” equipment last year for a lower cost – we both have the same floorplan (including lots of large double-pane windows) but my house gets a lot more western exposure. Does anyone have experience with “Day and Night” equipment?

For 5 ton and 3 ton Trane XL 14 units, 14 SEER/12 EER, both single stage and “non-variable” speed – I was quoted $ (this reflects $400 rebate from electric co) including installation and take-away of old units. This also includes installation of 2 new digital programmable thermostats and new insulated supply and return plenums. It also includes odds and ends like new power cords, drain pans, and overflow shut-off switch.

Now I know how my clients who come to me for financial/retirement advice feel when they (often) say “I have no clue what any of this means and I need you to tell me what you think – or what you would do if you were in my shoes.” Though I do basically understand SEER and tonnage measurements and these were what the contractor recommended upon inspection. And the contractor has excellent Yelp and BBB recommendations.

Thanks anyone for comments or feedback!!


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