Appion customer service is freakin’ AWESOME!

I just picked up the TEZ8 last month. I don’t remember why I went to their website, but saw a winter promo, buy a tez8 get a megaflow kit, or buy a G5 twin get a VCRT. I noticed the instructions said return within 30 days of purchase, I checked and I got mine 28 days prior. Printed form and sent picture of completed form on Sunday night (4 days ago). My wife sent me a message this afternoon saying I got a box. I haven’t ordered anything new, I swear. Got home and opened the box…

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The promo said allow 6-10 weeks for delivery. It’s been four days since I found the promo. I would always think to myself, why does it take so long for a company to send something? Appion got it right, I’m way impressed. So impressed, I had to tell all of you about it. Is this normal customer service from these guys? I hope this is business as usual for them and you have all had great experiences also.

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