Gemini P1632 Control Panel and GEM-K1CA Keypad

I am still pretty much a newbie at this stuff. I have replaced items or added new items to existing Gemini P1632 and P9600, but I have never installed a Gemini P1632 from scratch.

First of all, let me tell you what the setup will be. One Gemini P1632 control panel and siren. There will be two partitioned area (1 and 2)

For Area 1 – There will be;


Front Door contact

Front Room motion

Rear Exit Door contact

Computer Room Door contact

Computer Room motion

Area 2 –


Shop Door contact

Shop motion

Overhead Door contact

What puzzling me right now is the GEM-K1CA keypad, one of my assistance lost all of the instructions that were in the both boxes. This keypad is different to all of the others I have used. Most have just 4-wires, two for power(terminal 9&10) and two for Control Data (terminal 11&12). But this keypad has a 10-wire connector on the back, the first four wires on your standard 4 that get connected to terminal 9-12 as previously described. The last 6 wires from what i remembered in the box’s instruction papers were designated as Zone 1-4. I wouldn’t think that they would get wired to the Control Panel’s Zone terminals 13-18?

What am I missing here?

Thanks for your help in advanced.


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