Suggested materials for exterior attic crawlspace access door.


I want to create an access to the attic crawlspace via door in the gable end of the house. I want to disguise it to look like a gable vent. To add to the challenge, I want an “eyebrow” (i.e., arch at the top) shaped door.

I’m thinking of using exterior plywood–perhaps reinforced on the backside with angle aluminum to inhibit warping. On the face, I’ll use PVC to (somehow) fake the look of a gable vent.

In case you’re wondering, we currently have an access door in the ceiling of a room that we’d like to finish as a living room, so we’d like to finish the ceiling. We have limited closet space and the closets are crowded and shallow, so they have been ruled out for locations for the access door.

I welcome any suggestions.

Thanks in advance.


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