Reocurring dirty flame sensor

I had 2 calls last week that had flame fault due to low flame sensor current readings, and they were dirty. Looked like they hadn’t been cleaned for years. But they were both cleaned in the last 2 months. Both were 80%, and the sensors had a blackish/dark brownish coating. First one was in Mega chain smokers house so I thought it was the problems. 2nd was in a laundry room. I know laundry rooms create problems with the flame sensors but not in a few weeks. I had a thought it could be a burner not burning quite right thus leaving deposits on the sensor. Both the exchanger (tubular) and burner/flame looked normal (inshot burner) on both units. Has anyone ever switched burners on a unit that was fouling flame sensors on a regular basis? Anyone run into this happening so fast? Chain smoker unit was like 3 weeks. Any fixes? :det:

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