Aprilaire 700 humidifier does not raise humidity.

It was installed 24hrs ago by a local AA certified contractor. 700 was their recommendation, initially we thought of 400 and then they called saying they think 700 is more adequate. Considering the price was the same I went along with it.

Initially it was set to auto. I set it at 5. My humidity in fact (it is cold in NJ) went down and is fluctuating between 25-27% on the hygrometer and 30% on the control panel. I set it to 7. Same. Midday today I switched to manual, keeping it at 7. No change. It is 25 at hygrometer and 29 at the panel.

I see the water going in, I can both hear it and see the water meter rotating.

I also hear the fan.

It is installed on the return.

What gives?

Come Monday I will call the contractor but it will be warm Monday so I am not sure how they will troubleshoot.


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