Carrier furnace, it never ends!

I have an older model Carrier gas furnace. It is a “weathermaker dx” with four burners. The unit came with a house I recently purchased and I’ve been trying to get it running well for the last two weeks and I’m almost there but I’ve hit an issue I can’t work out.

First issue was the induction blower would not run. I replaced the inductor control panel and the blower started working, but it made a terrible sound. I opened it up and pulled a walnut out. The blower worked great but the burner would not kick on. I had a solid pilot light and we could jumper the flame signal which kicked the burners on successfully so we replaced the pilot assembly thinking it was the flame sensor. The pilot wasn’t quite as strong with the replacement assembly and it takes a lot time to sense a flame. It kicks the burner on and off a few times before finally warming up enough to close the circuit.

At least it worked! Well… Now it seems to go into lockout mode after one cycle. I can’t turn it on and let it run unattended because when the thermostat tells it to kick back on it doesn’t do anything. I have to cycle the heat on and off at the thermostat to get it to run. It turns on every other time I turn it to heat. We tried regrounding the main control board and we replaced the board with a spare, but still have the same issue. I’ve replaced the thermostat and the board is getting signal from the thermostat every time.

Is there anything you guys would suggest to get it to quit locking out? I’ve thrown about $300 in parts in this thing and am beginning to think I may just need to buy a new one… If anyone can get me going, I’d be ecstatic!


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