True T72F Door Gasket

So… I ordered replacement gaskets for an old T-72F based on the part number list from True.

SN: 594050

P/N: 810802

They match the old ones but don’t seem to fit correctly.

The plastic trim on the door has 3 grooves, right? The outside and inside grooves are wider and the center grove is narrower. This gasket (and the old one) fit in the outer grove on top, bottom, and handle side, but on the vertical hinge side it is on the inner groove. Someone has melted a notch to allow the gasket to get from the outer groove to the inner groove at the top and bottom at the hinge side.

The 810803 gasket looks to be an inch wider, and could fit, but I don’t know if is correct. I don’t see it mentioned for any T72, only the T49. The other number I have seen is a 811135 but it looks like a shorter gasket.

I have an e-mail in to True parts but I haven’t heard back.

I don’t have enough hands on experience to know different gasket options and I don’t want to order another three wrong gaskets.

I can try to get some pictures tomorrow.

Thanks to anyone for help.


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