T-49F Defrost Thermodisc

Do/Did all True T-49F freezers have the backup 90*F defrost thermodisc?

I am working on one that has the wiring all hacked up. They cut out the temp control and put in a digital, cut the wires and bypassed the defrost/fan thermodisc and the mullion thermodisc.

Defrost timer was set at 40 minutes… and with the way the wiring was hacked up, it had to go the full 40 minutes. NICE!

I am trying to rewire but don’t see a place where the secondary defrost thermodisc was cut or removed?

Can someone shoot me a picture of where it should be located or described the location? Both ends of the defrost heater wiring have the crimp on wire nuts, so I am wondering if it didn’t come with the secondary thermodisc.

It is a 1999 box.



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