Hobart vs The Rest of the World

Dramatic, yes, but after yesterday, I dunno. I realize Our Company ™ gets no discount off list price from the ‘Bart, which makes our list price double or more Hobart’s. But, man…

I’m on call this weekend. I get a call about a dead dm, no brand mentioned, at a seldom serviced place 70 miles from the shop. I make up a work order, good, they are net30. 🙂 Jump in the truck and head up there.

It’s a Hobart crs76a, with a (smaller, new style “a” series) 2hp 3 phase wash pump that the seal had given up on about 6 months ago. The noise was deafening. It had another hour or 2 in my opinion before it locked up.

Whip out my trusty tablet, check for a manual on the beast. Hmm, only the prewash section of this rig shows up online, which is a 1 hp motor. Uh oh. Have they nla’d this thing?

The existing motor has a sticker on it that looks like a part number. My tablet pulls that number out of our website, with a list price of… over $5000! Holy bat guano! Plus add on nda shipping, tax, title, etc, etc, and labor, destination, mileage, overtime no less!

I’m getting too old for this. 🙂


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