Smoothing out satin water based latex finish

So I built some cabinets and I am painting them white. I bought a paint sprayer from menards. The Wegner hvlp max. Was about $100 so I’m not expecting the smoothest finish in the world, I thinned the paint and primer and it still spit a little bit, leaving a slightly bumpy surface. I primed them sanded , primed and sanded them again and put 1 coat of latex white paint on them. I plan on sanding them and spraying them again. But is there a way to get it as smooth as possible while keeping the satin finish? Can I sand them after the second coat without losing the sheen somehow? I read a little on rubbing out (ha ha) but not sure if you can do something like that to latex paint? Or am I just s.o.l and just have to take what the sprayer gives me?

Or is it too late to switch paint types or something? Just want it smoother…



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