Tool bags: backpacks, pouches, or hand held bags!

I recently started working for a company that does a large amount of commercial work. I have always used hand held tool bags and have occasionally used tool pouches all be it small crappy ones. The hand held bags are just so cumbersome going up and down ladders. Several of our techs use the backpacks. They seem really handy and free up your hands for carrying parts or climbing ladders or carrying parts up ladders. What is everyone’s thoughts on this subject? a couple guys use the klein backpacks and one has the hilmor backpack they are ok but they dont stand up on their own. I currently use a square open top husky bag. It is just so heavy and cumbersome. CLC has a pretty nice backpack and of course the veto backpack is nice but I cant justify spending that much on a tool bag. Dead on tools is coming out with a back pack in August that looks decent but just not sure may try a bigger pouch. Thanks for any insight on my dilemma.

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