AK900sc came with a different manifold?

So I finally bit the bullet and bought myself a second set of DigiCools. I got the UEI packaged set, because they come with the clamps at no extra cost. (This was before I found out that UEI might be screwing Doug) well they came today and when I opened them….

I’m not sure what I think. I know most guys hated the stock manifold, I didn’t have any real opinion, but I love ball valves on a manifold and mine never has leaked so I’ve been happy with it. This is a lot bulkier/heavier then the old manifold.

Is this UEI, or are all the new AK900s coming on this manifold? Serial is 1409100398 so I’m guessing this guy a was made in September of 2014.

Should I keep this, return it and order the a set with the old style straight from Doug, or since these have the swing fittings already just get third party manifold altogether?


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