What did the guy do to my Honeywell baseboard heat adjuster

This is an apartment complex and I’ve had heating issues with it previously with management. It is baseboard heat from a central furnace.

The last time the contractor company was here, they listened to my complaint of not getting enough heat or heat being locked up and having to be bled manually.

The service tech took off the white round Honeywell knob (I don’t have the model handy) and picked around inside it once he had it removed. The result was was too much heat and virtually no adjustment except on the coldest winter days.

Is this common practice? I didn’t raise hell about it because they said, Lon, that’s all anybody can do.

The result is an always-on condition and that is pretty high. It is now summer.

The one thing I can think of is they keep a trickle setting going to prevent air gaps which causes a manual bleed of the line necessary to be done again.

I’m not the owner so I can’t twiddle with it myself. I want to know what was done in order to tell my management about it and they can handle their contractor.


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