Trying to find other end of condenser wire

At a large downtown building earlier today… Supposedly, last year there was some arc flash or lightning strike… Took 2 compressors out. Now I’m trying to give a quote for replacement… The company that was maintaining the ACs started to replace the wire run, but there is no wires hooked to the breaker.(but they are ran from the condensers) My issue; they run in a conduit with a bunch of other wires and they go 2 floors down and several feet over all through concrete, is there anyway to possible find where they go? I pulled up a little and they must have started to fish a new one and must have lost it somewhere down the line… Running a new pipe outside of the current conduit isn’t really an option as they are in a basement of a parking garage. And I can’t get a fishtape to go from one end to the other without getting stuck…. Thoughts?

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