Fan type humidifier

Hello everybody. New membwr here and I have a couple of question. So after talking to some people in HVAC they told me that installing a humidifier are easy and I could do it all my self. So my house is over 3000 square feet :eek2:. The Humidifier I got that is rated for my house is a Honeywell HE300 fan model. Honeywell states that it has to be mounted on the supply only. My furnace is mounted in basement and there is no room for the humidifier.

So questions are can I mount it somewhere else in the supple duct that would be ideal for the whole house. Or if there is such a thing with a built in humidifier furnace. Or can I change out my furnace to be more compact or change it like make it in a L shaped. We are thinking about upgrading the until because we are wanting to start the basement. Has anybody come across this and what did you do.


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